The Sacred Space

The Diva Yoga space is a transformational haven that is inspired by subtle affirmations for the beautiful women who walk into it.



As you walk in, we urge you to believe in yourself and the process of transformation too. Our welcoming reception is designed to fill you with positivity and faith.


To know of your journey, it is important to know where you currently stand. This space is your gentle, guiding mirror that tells you how amazing you are and how much more amazing you keep getting.In our room of immeasurable joy we measure different aspects of your current self so you can see the transformation yourself.


Not just a mere ‘powder room’, our changing rooms are full of positive vibes and focused on the beautiful creation that is you. Our goal is to make you feel wonderful about yourself so you can go ahead and summon the Diva in you.


Our therapy room is a sacred space that is made conducive to internal as well as external healing. Designed to help you transcend physical form to the realm of the mind.


This is the main studio space. This is where the magic happens. Our studio is equipped with state of the art accessories to enable and enhance your yoga practice. This is your space to perform, to introspect and rediscover yourself. This is where you connect with yourself and discover your true self.