A Diva has
fire in her soul and
grace in her heart

Diva Yoga

A woman plays many different roles in a lifetime - mother, sister, daughter, friend, lover. Through it all, she essentially is always A Diva on the inside. A goddess blessed with the power of bringing forth life, a Goddess that completes the planet, a Goddess that balances energies with both her power and tenderness

Diva Yoga is a one-of-a-kind program committed to the transformation of women both physically and mentally . We believe that every woman is a Diva - and we wish to help her realise this truth. We aim to bring her innate diva-ness to the surface, where her inner beauty can shine through.

Diva Yoga is a specially curated experience for the Diva we see in you. The mission is to bring to every woman, the delight and discovery of womanhood.

Embracing Diva-ness

More often than not, a woman is considered vulnerable; physically and emotionally. It is necessary to break the stereotypes and make a woman realize what she is meant to be!

The objective of Diva Yoga is to empower a woman with great health, impeccable attitude and bring out the mental strength she possesses to break open every challenge through the powerful tools of Yoga, Mindfulness and Beyond.


Empowering the Divas

We firmly believe that a state of physical, mental and emotional well-being is essential for you to conquer your dreams. From the minute you set foot into our studio till you wave us a goodbye, we make sure you feel no less than a celestial being.

Each and every aspect of Diva Yoga has been specially designed with just one goal in mind - To craft an experience that is unparalleled by any other studio which will leave our divas in a state of pure bliss, that’ll impact the mind, body and soul.